Building a Windows 8 Store App

End-to-End Windows 8 Store Application development using C# and XAML
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About the Book

At its unveiling, Windows 8 Store Apps (formerly known as Metro Apps) was a platform of intrigue. With Microsoft’s razor focus on mobile platform in form of Windows 8 RT (for ARM devices) and Windows Phone 8, it soon became abundantly clear that Windows 8 Store Apps are the apps of the future.

Hot on the heels of its launch of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 in October, we finally have a mature platform ready for us developers, to develop and profit from. Peaked your interest yet?

Well, it peaked ours enough, so along with building applications, we at decided to write a book and share the excitement and learning from the experience. We will explain the process of building and publishing our application ‘Twittelytics Light’ covering almost all aspects of Windows 8 Store App development. A high level view of the contents are as follows:

  1. An Introduction to WinRT and Windows Store App Guidelines
  2. Starting off with C# and XAML for Window Store Apps
  3. MVVM and Databinding
  4. Looking at available libraries and extensions
  5. Integrating with Linq2tweeter
  6. Navigation and UI
  7. Integrating with Windows 8 features like Charms, Search, Live Tiles, Notifications and Background Processing
  8. HTTP communication
  9. Saving Data to disk, searching and sorting
  10. Publishing the App to the App Store

We expect the book to be ready just before the holidays so you can geek out and publish apps in time for the Holidays. Leave your email address with us if you want more information as the book is available.

About the Author

Sumit is a passionate developer who has worked on Startup Products to Enterprise software for the last 12 years. He has developed Windows Forms apps, ASP.NET apps, SharePoint apps, XAML and Silverlight components, mostly using C# and occasionally VB.NET.

Starting a couple of years back, he has become a regular blogger with over 1.4 million views for his articles on alone. Needless to say he loves explaining problems in a lucid and easy to understand style.

His latest passion is the Windows 8 Store App development and he is currently working on multiple apps to be launched shortly in the store. He brings in his lucid example based style in this book, to walk you through the intricacies of developing a Windows 8 Store App using C# and XAML.